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Children Enjoy Drawing with Crayons

Give a child a sheet of paper and a packet of crayons and they will have fun. If you are looking for a cheap way to entertain your kids buy them a packet of colorful wax crayons. Preschool children enjoy coloring. Little ones can spend hours scribbling or drawing shapes. If you are looking for ways to occupy your youngsters teach them to have fun with crayons. Look at some simple art projects for kids and you will soon get the general idea. Children need to express themselves, and crayon crafts encourage creativity.

Crayon Craft Fun for Pre-schoolers

Grab a packet of coloring crayons and a large pad of plain paper. Sit outside, enjoy the fresh air and have some family fun. Give the children a challenge. Ask them to draw a picture of the yard or the garden. The youngest children may just about manage to make a few scribbles on the paper, but they will enjoy it. If your child creates a colorful drawing give it pride of place at home. Kids are never short of creative drawing ideas, you could get their creations printed and some of their pencil crayon drawings may surprise you. There area many plance you can get picture printing done for a good price.

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Crayon Art for Youngsters

Look at some different ideas for drawing. Remove the paper from the outside of the crayon and teach the children to draw wide swirls. Make a few notches in the coloring sticks. When the child applies crayon to paper they will be able to draw thick and thin lines. Take four wax crayons and bind them together with a rubber band. Encourage the young ones to draw with the four in one crayon. Kids enjoy wax art. Using this technique helps children to discover more about color.

Melted Crayon Craft

Parents are always looking for ways to entertain the children. Melted crayons may sound messy but children love it. Peeling the paper away from the small wax crayon tests the child's fine motor skills. When kids play with the melted wax crayons an adult must supervise. Tape a sheet of paper onto an easel. Ask the child to smother the paper with colored wax. Plug the hair-dryer in and turn it onto a hot setting. Aim the hot air at the crayon drawing. Let the heat melt the wax. Watch the child's face as the hot wax starts to slide down the paper and merge.

Artful Parents Entertain Their Toddlers Outdoors

Children enjoy fresh air and fun. Thick children winter coats keep the little ones as warm as toast. Invite your children's friends to join them for a crayon party. An afternoon of outdoor art will thrill the kids. The older children could always have a crayon contest, but remember every child must win a prize. There are plenty of interesting coloring techniques using crayons and wax coloring sticks are good for interactive play. Let your kids express themselves with crayons. Crayon art is inexpensive and children enjoy it.